Pain Management
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Cancer Pain
Cancer pain can be either acute or chronic, depending upon its cause. Pain can arise from diagnostic procedures, treatments for the cancer, or coexisting conditions. The pain can also become constant as tumors or cancer cells grow into or crowd out organs and cavities of the body. Pain can also result from scarring or nerve damage from cancer treatments such as radiation therapy and surgery. 
The treatment plan for cancer pain depends upon many factors, such as the severity of the disease, dysfunction and pain, the type and location of the pain, as well as patient’s age, ongoing medical conditions, and ability to tolerate other medical therapies. The doctor will take all of these factors into consideration when prescribing a treatment plan. 
In general, the standard course of therapy for cancer pain will follow the chronic pain treatment continuum. The pain is often managed through medications, including opioids, which can be taken orally, or administered through external or implanted drug pumps. Also, a variety of interventional pain management techniques are available and are tailored based on individual patient's needs