Pain Management
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1.Facet Joint inj.

Pain Physician inject anti-inflammatory medication under image intensifier control in operation theatre at the site of facet arthropathy to relieve pain and inflammation  


2 . Facet Denervation



* If there is a favourable response to intra-articular injections OR medial branch blocks, then more permanent techniques may be considered. Facet denervation (rhizolysis) is most commonly performed in the lumbar and cervical regions of the spine. It is rarely performed in the thoracic region.


* A Radio-frequency Lesion Generator produces an irreversible destructive lesion of the medial branch nerve, blocking the passage of painful messages from the affected facet joint to the rest of the central nervous system.


* The procedure is carried out under intravenous sedation , local anaesthetic and X-ray guidance. A needle is inserted onto the transverse process of the vertebra where the medial branch nerve is found & a series of electrical tests are performed to confirm that the needle is as close to the medial branch nerve as possible. An electrical grounding plate is used on the thigh to complete the circuit through the needle and radio-frequency lesion generator. Another electrical test is then carried out to ensure that the needle is far enough away from the main nerve to the legs.


* Once the correct position has been achieved a radio-frequency electro-cautery lesion is made around the nerve