Pain Management
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Stellate Ganglion Block 


1) Reynaud’s diseases. 

2) Arterial embolism in arm. 

3 Sympathetic mediated pain syndrome,CRPS I , CRPS II . It has been utilized both as diagnostic as well as therapeutic intervention 


PatienPatient lye in supine position with a pillow under a shoulder and neck extended. The head kept in midline and mouth slightly open. C6 Tubercle or Chassaignac’s tubercle can be palpated lateral to the cricoid cartilage at the medial order of the sternocledomastoid muscle . The syringe filled with medicine with 22/23-gauge needle should be introduced vertically over the tubercle. After aspiration the drug is injected at the site. 

Evidence of Stellae Ganglion Block

1) Evidence of Horners syndrome

       i) Miosis (Pinpoint pupil )

       ii) Ptosis (Dropping of eye-lid )

       iii) Enophthlanos (Sinking of eye ball )

3) Nasal congestion. 

4) Facial anhydrosis . 

5) Engorgement of veins of arm .

6) Rise of skin temperature .